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Nowhere Escape I Escape Rooms

Ready for a challenge? Plunge into one of three unforgettable adventures at Nowhere Escape. Whether you’re seizing booty from a pirate ship, conducting a paranormal investigation in a haunted funeral home, or saving humankind from a rogue scientist’s disastrous experiments in an abandoned hospital, our escape rooms are designed to test your mind as they entertain and build new bonds with friends and family. Created by the same team behind the acclaimed Nowhere Haunted House, our puzzle rooms are packed with brain teasers, immersive settings, and charismatic game masters, ensuring a memorable outing for your corporate team, friend, or family group.

• All escape rooms provide a private experience for your group.

• Gamemasters offer unlimited hints.

• Our unique puzzles are personally designed by our time to give you a cerebral workout.

• Our sets are theater quality.

Admission to our escape rooms is $30 per person.
We require a 4 person minimum to make a reservation.


Buy tickets now and see if you can Escape from NOWHERE!

Lucky Skull

The Lucky Skull’s pirate crew are ashore swilling rum while their ship’s disgruntled cabin boy stands guard. This famed ship is known far and wide for its priceless treasure hidden onboard. You are approached by the cabin boy with an offer “These scurvy dogs keep me as their bloody swabber, never to be a pirate. Come aboard, find the secret booty, and take the lot! That’ll show those bilge rats!” Beware, the pirates return from their rum party in one hour and if they find you plundering, they’ll make you walk the plank! Godspeed!

The-Lucky-Skull Escape Room at Nowhere Escape
Eternal Unrest Escape Room

Eternal Unrest Funeral Home

A Victorian era mansion, used by former owners as the Eternal Unrest Funeral Home, is on the housing market. A frustrated realtor and terrified owner are desperately trying to sell the home but there’s a unique issue – the house is haunted! Prospective buyers have seen unexplained figures and shadows, and heard eerie whispers and screams. As a last resort they hired you – a group of freelance ghost hunters. You have one hour to communicate with the spirits and help them find peace.


FAQ’s about the Escape Rooms

How many people can I have in my party?

We have found that a maximum of 8 people allows for easy movement and enjoyment of puzzle solving in our escape rooms.

Will I be in the escape room with people I don’t know?

No, we want to make this a private, shared experience for you and your group. We do ask for a minimum of 4 people in your party.

Are the escape rooms scary since they’re in the haunted house?

There are no actors or scary animatronics in our escape rooms. The Lucky Skull has no spooky elements. Eternal Unrest involves “ghost hunting in a funeral home” so the theme lends itself to a paranormal feel.

What if we we’re having trouble solving the puzzles?

Our gamemasters are there to assist you with unlimited clues and hints.

How many rooms are in each escape room experiences?

There are at least 3 rooms in each of our puzzle rooms.

Can children and teens participate in the escape rooms?

The Lucky Skull and Eternal Unrest are recommended for kids 12 and above. However, if children are part of a family group they may participate. New rooms are currently under development and will be available for children younger than 12.