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Get Ready for the Ultimate Halloween Kick-Off: The Home Haunter Meet and Greet

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Get Ready for the Ultimate Halloween Kick-Off: The Home Haunter Meet and Greet – Kick Off to Fall 2024

Calling all Halloween enthusiasts, spooky scene setters, and creative home haunters! The Minnesota Home Haunter Group, in collaboration with Nowhere Entertainment, is thrilled to announce an event that promises to be the highlight of your Halloween season: the Home Haunter Meet and Greet – Kick Off to Fall 2024.

Mark Your Calendars

Set aside September 28, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM for an evening filled with spine-tingling fun, valuable insights, and a community of like-minded Halloween aficionados. This mini convention is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the artistry, creativity, and passion that go into creating the spectacular home haunted houses and yard displays that captivate and scare our neighborhoods each year.

A Unique Gathering of Home Haunters

Whether you’re a seasoned home haunter or just starting your Halloween decorating journey, this event is designed for you. It’s an open invitation to everyone who has a love for Halloween, from those who meticulously craft every detail of their haunted yards to those who simply enjoy the spooky season. Meet other home haunters and share tricks, tips, and techniques while enjoying the aptly themed venue at Nowhere Entertainment.

Event Highlights

Behind the Scenes Tour of Nowhere Haunted House: Have you ever wondered how a haunted house operates? This tour is a rare opportunity to see the magic that goes into creating those terrifying experiences. With no actors or animatronics to startle you and the house lights on, you can explore the intricacies and craftsmanship behind one of the most popular haunted attractions.

Low Scare Walkthrough: For those who enjoy a scare but prefer a lower intensity, the Low Scare Walkthrough offers the perfect balance. With dim theater lighting and animatronics in action but no live actors, it’s a gentler way to experience the haunted house. This feature makes it an excellent option for families and individuals who might find the full scare experience too intense.

Unlimited Mini Golf: Test your skills on Nowhere’s spooky-themed 13-hole miniature golf course. This activity is a great way to engage in some light-hearted fun while staying immersed in the Halloween spirit.

Delicious Taco Bar: Satisfy your hunger with a delectable taco bar prepared by a local restaurant. With all the fixings, dessert, lemonade, and water included, you’ll have plenty of tasty options to enjoy.

Drink Tickets: Each ticket includes two drink tickets that can be used for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, adding to the festive atmosphere of the evening.

A Family-Friendly Celebration

The Home Haunter Meet and Greet – Kick Off to Fall 2024 is not just for hardcore Halloween enthusiasts but for families and friends looking to kick-start the Halloween season with a night of entertainment and community. The event is designed to be inclusive, offering something for everyone, whether it’s the thrill of the haunted house, the fun of mini-golf, or the enjoyment of delicious food and drinks.

Why You Should Attend

Attending this event gives you the chance to connect with other home haunters, share tips and tricks, and get inspired for your own Halloween projects. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from fellow creators and see firsthand how professional haunters bring their visions to life.

Moreover, this event is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit well before October arrives. The skills and ideas you gather here will help you elevate your own home haunt to new levels, ensuring that your display is the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween season.

Don’t Miss Out!

Tickets are limited and on sale only until September 25th, so make sure to secure yours as soon as possible. Tickets are $35 per person and can be purchased on the Nowhere Entertainment website. This ticket grants you access to an array of exciting activities and experiences that make this event truly one-of-a-kind.

Join us at Nowhere Entertainment for a night that promises to be as fun as it is spooky, and get ready to launch into the Halloween season with a bang! See you there, if you dare!

Be sure to follow @MinnesotaHomeHaunters @HalloweenFans and @Nowhere Entertainment on Facebook for the latest updates and sneak peeks.

Event Admission Includes:
  • Behind the Scenes Tour of Nowhere Haunted House: A guided tour without actors, animatronics, or jump scares.
  • Low Scare Walkthrough of Nowhere Haunted House: Experience the haunted house with dim lighting and animatronics, but no live actors.
  • Unlimited Mini Golf: 13 miniature golf holes to enjoy.
  • Taco Bar: All the fixings, dessert, lemonade, and water.
  • Two Drink Tickets: Good for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink options.

Secure your tickets today and prepare for an unforgettable night of Halloween fun and inspiration!


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