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Nowhere Camp MAIN


This one-of-a-kind summer camp is designed for kids ages 8-12 with an interest in acting, haunted houses, theater, and/or dressing up as unique characters. Our 5-day camp will teach budding actors the genre of haunt acting, as well as, behind the scenes tricks and techniques for working in a haunted attraction.


Session 2: June 24-28   9:00-12:00   Camp Tuition: $200

Session 3: July  15-19    9:00-12:00   Camp Tuition: $200

Home Haunter 1

Home Haunter Meet & Greet – Kickoff to Halloween 2024!

A home haunter’s mini convention will be hosted by Nowhere Entertainment located in Inver Grove Heights, MN on September 28, 2024 from 5:00 pm-10:00 pm. This gathering will bring together the gifted creators behind the frighteningly entertaining and inspiring Halloween yard displays and home haunted houses that entertain and terrify our local communities.

Meet other home haunters and share tricks, tips, and techniques while enjoying the aptly themed venue at Nowhere Entertainment. Take a Behind the Scenes Tour of Nowhere Haunted House then amp it up with a Low Scare Walkthrough (everything but the actors). Have fun putting on Nowhere’s spooky themed mini golf course, and then enjoy a delicious taco bar prepared by a local restaurant. It’s a family friendly night for a fantastic launch into the 2024 Halloween season! This event is open to anyone that enjoys Halloween.


JUNE 1st!


A new deadly virus is spreading quickly in Minnesota and fears it could lead to a worldwide pandemic are mounting. Dr. Amy G. Dala, renowned virologist at the University of Nowhere, is missing. Her recent research on “zombie” viruses (ancient frozen viruses brought back to life) sparked controversy in the scientific community. Dala brazenly obtained samples of viruses frozen for millennia in mammals buried in the now melting Siberian permafrost. She refused to heed warnings of reanimating her possibly dangerous zombie virus specimens and was terminated from her position at the university. Epidemiologist and virologists believe Dala inadvertently created the Minnesota epidemic during a secret research process. An anonymous tip left at the Department of Health, spotted Dr. Dala at the abandoned Salem Hills Hospital. Your group, a crew of CDC epidemiologists, was sent to investigate, discover the new virus, find patient zero, and help stop the epidemic.

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